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Love Lifted Me

MarJanita Geigley

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Young Pouv had a tender heart and a curious mind. Things don’t just make themselves, she thought. Born into a Buddhist family, Pouv’s world—and her family—was ripped apart when the Khmer Rouge swept through Cambodia. Forced labor, brutal treatment, and living near starvation became her daily existence. Pouv’s questions remained. Looking into the starry night sky, she wondered Where does all this come from? Dennis Burfete was a rowdy rebel. Joining a motorcycle gang gave him a sense of power and independence. But his life became a wasteland of emptiness. Was this the best life had to offer? Dennis and Pouv’s lives were worlds apart, but they shared a common and desperate need. They each found the one and only truly satisfying Answer, and then they found each other.

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Informatii suplimentare

Informatii suplimentare

Cod 26311
Autor MarJanita Geigley
Editura ICAM
Nr. pagini 208
Dimensiuni 13,3 x 21 cm
Anul publicarii 2014
Seria Nu
Volum Nu
Colectie Nu
Editia I
Coperta flexibila
Legare brosare
Limba Engleza


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